Summary in English


To introduce a musical service and the relating technological conditions on a website is a real challenge. What I would like to do is to introduce my colleagues, partners, some venues and my style, and of course myself. If you are interested in more, I suggest meeting at one time.

First of all, if you would like to listen to my music, you’re welcome to one of the parties, and then make up your mind. If there is no need for that because you already know what I do, please come to one of the parties because even two parties can be different. The venue might be the same but for another party different music has to be played. Even if the customer is the same but the venue is different, I’d rather tailor the party to the venue, of course together with the customer. 

I would like to ask my honoured visitors to note their experience on my work. I appreciate pictures as well, which are posted on my Facebook and Instagram page.

I believe more than 25 years in the profession and more than 1,200 events behind my back and more than 150,000 danced guests provide enough guarantee for those customers who haven’t employed me. 

I’m at the disposal of old and new customers with the usual level and with better and better quality, growing supply, and musical repertory. Please apply to me with confidence! 

There are number of partners and venues that I can recommend in case of a full-scale event organizing. 

Let’s meet at your earliest possible event! Have fun for the website and at your party! 

Tibor Márfai / Professional Event DJ



I was lucky to play music in the very first event in 1988. Then two years later I got the official disc jockey permission, and I’ve been working in entertainment show business since then. During the time spent at public clubs I gained lots of experience and managed to make good connections. For the last years I’ve taken on private and occasional parties (birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.), company and other organization events because here the need for mixing different musical styles is what I like the best. 

Owing to my professional experience and the collection of thousands of songs, I’m able to entertain the public with the representatives of any of the light music tendency. I would like to draw your attention to the high level presentation and music service, as well as the rich musical repertoire, and the following additional services: 

  • Professional sound and technology
  • Shows, singers and dancers
  • Karaoke, laser show, mixer-show, magician, etc.
  • Band Hero game with AV equipment, presentation, all at your event’s location
  • Party-photo and -video service
  • Venues for events
  • Catering service
  • Full-scale organizing and realizing of weddings
  • Gift production, packaging service

Extra! English language moderation to the programmes (cannot be chosen separately).

The programmes above can be ordered jointly, and are only ideas to categorize the style of your event!

All the above for real price, good quality and flexible contracting conditions! 

I do hope that my introduction has raised your attention, and that I can welcome you or your company among my partners. Please ask for a proposal for your next event! 


“Thanks for the outstanding party, we enjoyed it very much, everyone glorified the music!”

Kisses, Julcsi and Máté (wedding, 2008)

“Thanks for the good music, the girls were impressed, you did a great job, lots of appreciation. :” Anett (Peking Club, 2007) 

“Lots of people called me today praising the music. And it was indeed! Thank you very much!” Aurika (Class meeting, 2007) 

“Soooo, if you organize a party, I’ll be shaking in the first raw to ‘play that funky music’…:):)” Andrea (Kick-off party, 2007) 

“Tibor Márfai. I memorize this name for good. You’re a gigantic supplier!” Géza (New Year’s Eve, 2005) 

“Dear Tibi, our highly appreciated Maestro! We would like to say thank you for giving huge help at our wedding, and for the fact that we, our relatives, friends enjoyed themselves at a great party celebrating us becoming a real family. Based on the feedbacks people enjoyed the party very much due to the party, the music and the dance. So thank you again for contributing to the happy start of our family life! Timi and Laci” (Wedding, 2004) 

“Hi Tibi! I was very glad you were the engine of this surprise show at the wedding, you did a great job! It was good to see you in this role doing it very well. Csaba” (Wedding, 2003) 

“Dear Tibor, The other night was great. Thank you for all of your help – much appreciated. I have been complimented on everything from the steaks, to the venue, to the music!!! Kay ” (Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Rodeo Party, 2002) 


  • SOUL / R&B
  • ROCK / ROCK ‘n’ ROLL


  • Peking Club
  • U 23 Athletics European Championships, Debrecen
  • Britannia Club, Budapest British Embassy 
  • Maruca Saloon fashion show
  • banquette of Adrien Köő street photography exhibition
  • Vodafone catalogue photography
  • United States of America Budapest Embassy, Marine Ball
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Lobster Dinner and Rodeo Party 
Recurring contracting parties
  • Café Communications
  • HVG Kiadó
  • Dovex Ltd
  • Alteo Plc 
  • Legenda Ltd
  • Frappe Event Ltd
  • Jogászbuli Ltd
  • Volvo Auto Hungaria Ltd
  • Asszisztencia Ltd
  • Lux Hungaria Ltd
  • EBS Ltd
  • Beneford
  • K&H Bank 
  • MVM Partner
  • Diageo 
  • Allianz Bank 
  • Unilever
  • RenegatX
  • Páko Pro Ltd
  • Beerbrothers Band 
  • Vegas Show Band
  • Group ‘n’ Swing


To satisfy the more and more serious sound- and light technology needs, I’ve asked Antal “Toncsi” Vuszek to be my permanent helper. He takes care of the perfect technological state and operation of the apparatus, in other words he gives sound to the music and light for the atmosphere.

Depending on the venue, the basic sound technology is enough for a 100-person event. For bigger events suitable sound- and light technology can be rented. Sound technology can be raised according to the size of the event. Light- and spectacle technology (from mirror ball through fog and other effect machines to intelligent lamp and LED light) can be ordered upon request.




For appointments, proposals, venues, programmes, technical advice, and subscription for the address book please follow this link